July 31, 2019

Consistency is Key when it comes to our Financial well being

I’m a big believer in having all your finances in order specially your personal because this helps you focus on your business side. If you know you have to make $5,000 next month to pay off all your bills then I’m sure your going to hustle a little more if your an entrepreneur. This is why consistency is crucial when it comes to our finances. At the end of every month I download all my expenses from my banks and credit cards on to excel sheet that gets categorized (just copy & paste). These are my actual numbers and I compare these to my budget that I did at the beginning of the month. Not only does it give me the reality it also gives me a starting point for next months budget. Often times we are in the dark about how much we are spending on small items you will be amazed how much those apps or coffees can add up to.

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