July 16, 2018

Analytics meets Creativity

Happy Monday !! I know many have not noticed that I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks getting ready for two big events this past weekend.

For those that don’t know me well. I love the analytical side of my brain but I have also developed the creative part of my brain and a few years ago I turned my hobby into a side hustle. I design events, Iskra@charlestoneventsdesing.com, this weekend I had a bi-lingual wedding (which I also officiated) on Friday for 100 people.

I also had a Quinceañera (350 people) on Saturday (I was the MC).

I love it when the creative side of me meets the analytical side of me, why?

Well that’s when all the logistics come together. Perhaps you saw a post last week asking for help on a stage because my budget was low. Well I found the solution one night at 3:00 am I woke my husband and said “honey we are going to build a stage “ and he said “honey it’s 3:00 am”. That’s when I said well I haven’t been able to sleep trying to figure this out so you need to help me. That morning I picked up my daughter’s truck went to hunt some free pallets and then picked up some plywood and we created the stage that you are seeing on this picture.

I believe that when my two sides come together I have the ability to find solutions and that has helped me in different stages of my career and it’s what make me different from most accountants.

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