May 30, 2018

Finding a balance between Entrepreneurship and Self-Care

The number one reason why me and many of the wonderful woman, I have talked to have left their corporate jobs to become entrepreneurs is STRESS. However when we start our businesses we sometimes loose sight of what that looks like, perhaps it’s because we don’t have a boss behind us pushing us around. The reality is that it’s been a great to take a step back and look at the big picture. My husband once told me something very true, he said “you know you can replace anyone in your business but yourself” it took me a while to realize that he was right. I’m the only one that’s going on to have the passion and the knowledge to continue building it and training others, because I’ve done it from scratch. Therefore it’s very important to take care of myself and my well being in every aspect of my life because every part of me is plastered in my work.

  • Health – taking the time out of our busy schedules to exercise, eat well (cook naturally) and going to regular checkups is one of the most important things we must do for our businesses.
  • Education- take time to continue learning I have found that the best way I learn is by teaching others so do some workshops in your area, you’ll be amazed about the results.
  • Meditation and Spirituality- having a balance in our life’s between our natural and spiritual beings is a must in order for us to understand the process of life and everything that it entitles.
  • Family and Friends – are the core of who we are as humans without them we don’t have a reason to keep going, so give them the adequate time they need to feel like they are a part of your life and your journey.

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